• I attended Gill’s classes for a number of years and only gave them up because i moved out of the area. Since Gill I have never found such a good teacher and such good classes.
    She is an excellent teacher as she gives good descriptions and demonstrations of the posture. She gives easier versions of the postures for anyone who is struggling or suffering in some way. She explains everything carefully so that we don’t cause damage to our joints and so forth. Gill looks after her students very well. She has a lovely little yoga studio and this is beautifully warm. She provides all the equipment needed and at the end of the class, Gill personally goes round each individual wrapping them in a rug like a mother.
    I will never forget her care and attention and her lovely yoga classes.  Bridget B.

  • Gillian has been my Yoga Teacher since 2006 and she is totally committed to her Yoga Teaching Career, giving her very best to all her students.  She can often be found all over the world learning more and more about Yoga and related topics.  Studying anatomy, physiology, Buddhism and psychology from her teachers Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers.  We, her students reap the rewards of all this learning.  I cannot recommend her enough.  I am blessed with a wonderful teacher and friend.  Angie K.

  • Morning Gillian, Just wanted to let you know that I have been struggling with my back for weeks now, but I came away from your class last night feeling like a new woman!!  All the tightness in my lower back had gone!!  Proof how wonderful yoga is and a reminder that I need to do it every day!!  Many Thanks  Joanne D.

  • Gillian's yoga studio is warm, well equipped and there is adequate parking on site. Gillian's classes are informative and suitable to students of all abilities and ages. I enjoy the yoga poses and the enthusiasm Gillian has for the yoga philosophy is enriching. She is an empathetic teacher to all her students who are all ages and abilities. If you are considering trying a yoga class yourself this is a good place to start. Angela T.

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