Gillian has been teaching for 18 years. Currently her main focus is Yin Yoga Teacher Training. She also occasionally teaches at Nuffield Health, Parrs Wood, Didsbury, Manchester.  Her teaching style incorporates Hatha Yoga with flows and yin.  She encourages her students to feel their poses rather than focusing on the aesthetics of the pose. Find out more about the Yin and Yang Yoga styles taught by Gillian.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quiet floor based practice that stimulates the energy meridians within the body. The asanas are maintained for between three to five minutes allowing Chi (emotionally charged pockets of energy) within the joints to be released.

This style of yoga is meditative, allowing students to soften in each pose and become curious on the sensations that arise. Students are encouraged to become comfortable in the pose with relaxed muscles. Each pose can be varied according to a student’s individual abilities.

Gillian now teaches Yin Yoga Teacher Training programmes for yoga teachers, Pilates teachers and interested students.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga, also known as Yang yoga is a dynamic practice that strengthens and tones the musculature of the body.

The yoga postures (asanas) include standing, balancing, inversions, forward and backward bends and twists that emphasise endurance and building heat within the body.